Video Tutorials


Our Full Video training Course on GeoVision’s “VMS" IP Camera Software.


Intro To Geovision’s “VMS" Software

In this video we’ll introduce you to Geovision’s “VMS" software.


The Interface

In this video, we’ll give you a basic overview of the VMS interface.


Layouts & Content List

VMS allows unlimited flexibility in how cameras are laid out on screen. In this video we’ll explain and demonstate the idea of layouts in VMS and introduce you to the content list.


Creating A Layout

In this video, we’ll teach you how to create your own basic camera layout.


Creating A Custom Layout

In this video we go deeper into creating layouts and explain how to make a customized layout.


Zoom & Scan Windows

In this video we explain how to create custom zoom windows which can be used to put smaller images from your layout into a larger window. We also explain scan windows which can rotate between different cameras.


Focus View

Focus view allows you to create permanently zoomed images which can then be assigned as a normal camera to your layouts.


Scan Groups

In this video we show you how to group layouts together into scan groups which allow you to have multiple rotating layouts.


Intro To Fisheye Cameras

In this video we introduce you to fisheye cameras and explain the basics of how they work.


Fisheye Settings

In this video we explain the different ways that the fisheye cameras can be dewarped into usable images.



In this video we show you how to create users for the system and how to control their access.


How To Reboot Properly

In this video we show you how to properly exit VMS and reboot windows.


View Log Intro

In this video we give you the basics on the playback side of the VMS software.


View Log Layouts

In this video we revisit layouts and show you how they work slightly differently in the viewlog.


How To Save A Snapshot

In this video we explain how to save still images from your videos onto the hard drive.


How To Save A Video

In this video we’ll show you how to save short videos with the “Save as AVI" feature.



In this video we show you the backup function in VMS. This allows you to save larger amounts of footage from multiple cameras and multiple time frames simultaneously.


How To Copy Video To A Flash Drive

In this video we show you how to take the video that you have saved and copy it over to a flash drive.