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Restaurant/Hospitality Systems

Oracle RES 3700 – Oracle E7 – Oracle Simphony – SpotOn

Restaurant/Hospitality Systems

We offer a variety of POS products and solutions to fit all your restaurant and hospitality needs. Spanning from a single terminal kiosk, full service restaurants, hotels & casinos, airports, healthcare providers and even stadiums.

Micros E7

E7 is a great starting POS system for small businesses with simple needs.

The MICROS e7 system combines the reliability of MICROS technology with a price suitable for table service and quick service restaurants, delis, bars and more.

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Micros RES 3700

3700 is the Swiss army knife of POS systems. It's fully featured and highly customizable.

RES 3700 is a comprehensive POS solution that is highly flexible and scalable to grow with you. Because of its vast customizability, it works with all types of establishments.

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Micros Simphony

Simphony allows you to run a vast multi-location enterprise from a central point.

Simphony enables those businesses with many locations to run a single cloud-enabled POS system with all the integrations and reporting capabilities you could need.

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A modern POS with all of the cloud-based perks that you could ask for.

SpotOn is a modern POS system designed from the ground up to use the cloud to enable all sorts of modern features like built-in online ordering.

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