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GV series surveillance products provide a total security solution

GeoVision Inc. is a Taiwan-based company founded in 1998. GeoVision focuses on high-end video surveillance products and solutions. The company’s GV-series DVRs, hybrid DVRs, and IP network video products are all equipped with built-in video content analysis. GeoVision also specializes in network surveillance and remote monitoring. The company’s video surveillance products can integrate with central monitoring stations, point-of-sales, ATM, and license plate recognition systems.

Next-Gen IP Camera Technology

Modern cameras for modern businesses

Get the quality that fits your needs. We carry cameras ranging from 1.3 Megapixels all the way up to 12 Megapixels.
True WDR
True Wide Dynamic Range allows for cameras to see dark and light areas equally well. Great for front door shots!
Super Low Lux
Geovisions super low lux allows for high quality color images in the darkest of lighting conditions.
P-Iris is a new technology that allows a camera to see foreground and background in focus at the same time.


Mobile App

Geovision’s mobile apps allow you to keep an eye on your store from any device. Support is included for iOS & Android smart phones and tablets.

POS Integration

A large portion of shrinkage happens at the register. Integrate your video & POS systems to identify input errors and reduce sweet-hearting.

Fisheye Cameras

It can be difficult and expensive to eliminate blind spots. Geovision’s fisheye cameras solve that problem. Fisheye cameras capture a full 360°.


Sometimes an image of a criminal’s face just doesn’t help. License plate recognition gives you usable information for identification.