Datalogic Lanehawk

Bottom of Basket (BOB) shrink happens when items are placed below the shopping basket and not accounted for in the transaction. Intentionally or not, shoppers forget to show these items and cashiers forget to ask for them.

LaneHawk uses Datalogic patented Visual Pattern Recognition technology to see, recognize and alert cashiers to add items in the bottom of the basket to the sale total.

Using robotic vision technology, LaneHawk is solving one of retail’s largest sources of unaccounted shrink. Visual Pattern Recognition software gives LaneHawk the ability to identify items in real-time without the use of a bar code.

Typical LaneHawk installations recover $10 – $12 of product per lane per day. On average LaneHawk installations see a return on investment in approximately 10 months. LaneHawk generates real revenue that previously was leaving the store.