The inMotion tool is a mobile app that comes as part of Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics Advanced Cloud Service. By downloading inMotion from the App Store, managers can access key performance indicators (KPIs) from anywhere, enabling them to make fast business decisions from front of house or any other location. inMotion features dashboards for sales, labor, discounts, guest counts, check counts, and kitchen ticket times. Users can view current performance by the hour and compare it to forecast, the same day last week, or the same day last year. If KPIs such as labor cost, void percentage, or discounts exceed projected thresholds, inMotion provides real-time alerts. Hotel managers and owners using Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Cloud Service can also use inMotion to access data on arrivals, departures, and housekeeping.


  • Grow revenues by understanding and optimizing pricing and menus so that your offers align with guest preferences
  • Minimize operational costs by identifying opportunities to improve labor and inventory efficiencies
  • Deliver consistency by monitoring KPIs to ensure consistent behavior across the organization
  • Leverage mobility and gain access to actionable data from anywhere using the inMotion companion app
  • Centralize your reporting in the cloud to gain visibility across every location while minimizing maintenance costs